26 September 2022
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The Good Society #1: Nate Hagens

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We are excited to share the first in our 6-part series on the The Good Society, where we’re unpacking the current systems we live, work and play within, and ask how they can do better and be better for people and planet.

What does it mean for us to thrive with another within our planetary bounds? What structures are currently getting in the way of that? What are the stories we need to be telling to get there?

Throughout this series, we look at who we need and want to be as a society, and how we can use our heads, hearts and hands to get there.

First cab of the ranks is the brilliant Nate Hagens, a speaker, educator & thought leader from the US, who tackles the big picture issues facing human society and our planet.

Nate is Director of the Institute for the Study of Energy and Our Future – an organisation focussed on educating and preparing society for the coming cultural transition.

His podcast The Great Simplification, like much of his work, explores money, energy, the economy, and the environment – and brings in world leaders on these subjects to unpack how everything fits together, and where we go from here.

Nate spoke with Berry about sense-making and the systems science underpinning many of the crises we currently face, and we loved it so much that we’re bringing him back for more! Stay tuned for Berry’s series with Nate which will go deeper into many more of the issues they chat about in his episode.

Show notes:

# The Good Society #1: Nate Hagens
# The Good Society #1: Nate Hagens
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