10 October 2022
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The Good Society #2: Dan Ariely

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We’ve got episode two of our Good Society Series, where we’re unpacking the current systems we live, work and play within, and ask how they can be better for people and planet.

What does it mean for us to thrive within our planetary bounds? What structures are getting in the way of that? Throughout this series, we look at who we want to be as a society & how we can use our heads, hearts and hands to get there.

In this episode, Berry sits down with professor Dan Ariely, one of the world’s leading thinkers in behavioural economics. Dan’s a founding member of the Centre for Advanced Hindsight, which does all kinds of fascinating empirical research into human behaviour – particularly when it comes to money, health and the planet – and uses it to tackle complex socio-economic problems.

Dan is particularly interested in irrationality, and how it is present in so much of the everyday decisions we make. He believes that with the right structures and systems in place, we can eliminate some of the opportunity to do things that we know aren’t good for us or the world.

Dan serves as a Professor of psychology and behavioural economics at Duke University and is one of the faculty members on the Small Giants Academy Mastery of Business and Empathy.

Some of his books include Predictably Irrational, Dollars and Sense and the Honest Truth about Dishonesty. You can also read our conversation with him in issue 55 of Dumbo Feather magazine, Creating the Next Economy.

Learn more about Dan’s work over at danariely.com.

# The Good Society #2: Dan Ariely
# The Good Society #2: Dan Ariely
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