7 November 2022
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The Good Society #4: Hetty McKinnon

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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For the past couple of months, we’ve been exploring what the good society is all about, how we can create systems and communities that support people and planet to thrive.

On this episode, we have a slightly different take on the topic. Dumbo Feather’s editor Kirsty de Garis is speaking with someone who had made her way into just about every kitchen in Australia with her gorgeous cookbooks – Hetty Lui McKinnon.

Hetty is a Chinese-Australian cook who established Arthur Street Kitchen in Sydney’s Surry Hills in 2011, and not long after released her first cookbook, Community, which shared the much-loved vegetable recipes she was serving.

Since then, many a fine cook books have followed, including her most recent: Tenderheart, a book about vegetables and unbreakable family bonds.

Hetty spoke with Kirsty in September 2022.

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