23 January 2023
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Unlocking Enough #2 with Gabor Mate

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Gabor Mate is a Hungarian-Canadian physician who specialises in addiction and childhood development.

In this chat with Dumbo Feather Editor, Kirsty de Garis, he shares his most recent book, a must read, “The Myth of Normal“, all about trauma, illness and healing in a toxic culture.

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We apologise for the rough audio in this chat, but hope you’ll still be able to take in many of the gems it harbours.

# Unlocking Enough #2 with Gabor Mate
# Unlocking Enough #2 with Gabor Mate
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Kirsty de Garis speaks to the potential of psychedelics to open up our perception, explored in our recent article Chop Wood, Carry Water: Psychedelics, Nature and Spirituality by Georgina Reid for Dumbo Feather issue #72, Beyond ego.

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