20 February 2023
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Unlocking Enough #3 with Stephen Jenkinson

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This week’s conversation is between our Editor in Chief, Berry Liberman, and Canadian culture activist Stephen Jenkinson. His work is really hard to classify.

You may remember Stephen from his conversation with Pierz Newton-John in issue 54 of Dumbo Feather magazine, “Stephen Jenkinson Reimagines Dying” alongside his reflection on Dying Wise.

Stephen has worked extensively with people who are dying, and their families. He’s worked in medical care, agriculture, and is also a canoe builder and sculptor.

Stephen’s the author of Come of Age and Die Wise. He travels the world performing the Nights of Grief and Mystery Tour, coming to Australia in late 2023.

# Unlocking Enough #3 with Stephen Jenkinson
# Unlocking Enough #3 with Stephen Jenkinson
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