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A new earth
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I'm reading
A new earth
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I'm reading
A new earth
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20 July 2020

A new earth

A poem for our collective evolution

Written by Willow Berzin

Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people.

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We stepped through a portal
Life as we knew it will never be the same again
The seemingly unstoppable machines of the industrialised world came to an abrupt halt
We chose to cocoon our most vulnerable
We fell off the cogs of the machine, paused and were able to be more still
Many people suffered
And the cracks in the old systems became more prominent
The light from a new world in wait shone more brightly through the cracks
We saw ways to help the light shine even more brightly
We realised how interconnected we are to each other and the natural world
We chose to help others see more clearly and deeply too
But we needed new ways and tools of being and doing to come together
Better healthier safer equitable just and regenerative ways of living and being became prominent
New stories came to be
More and more people stepped forth to hasten the birth of a New Earth
Visioning experiences helped guide people to the new world
We looked back to look forward to create a new now
Indigenous led multi-generational rites of passage supported the transformation
We redesigned our social, economic, political, technological and environmental eco-systems
The old structures blew away into dust
We transformed what was no longer working to be fit for humanity’s purpose
An evolution of consciousness
We had a global awareness but understood our place and acted locally
Harmonised ourselves with the laws of nature
Became attune to the living cosmos
A renaissance in humanity
Civilisation flourished and we were at peace
A New Earth

Willow Berzin

Willow Berzin is co-founder and chief assembler for the Coalition of Everyone.

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