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Art director—Dumbo Feather and Small Giants
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Art director—Dumbo Feather and Small Giants
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Art director—Dumbo Feather and Small Giants
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4 October 2017

Art director—Dumbo Feather and Small Giants

Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people.

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Small Giants is a family office that supports, nurtures and invests in businesses that are working towards a more sustainable and compassionate world. Its portfolio includes The School of Life Australia, Impact Investment Group, Dumbo Feather, Mossy Willow Farm and Small Giants Developments.

Dumbo Feather is a publishing company that tells stories of positive change in the world. A quarterly magazine, website and podcast, it features in-depth conversations with people who are turning their passions, skills and ideas into meaningful work.

In this role, the art director will divide their time 50:50 between Small Giants and Dumbo Feather workloads.

Employment type: Full time

Location: St Kilda, Victoria

Dumbo Feather

The art director at Dumbo Feather will be part of a small team delivering an established quarterly print magazine, as well as collateral for its podcasts, advertising material, social media and website.

Roles and responsibilities:

• Work directly alongside the editor and publisher on magazine
– Layout planning and pagination;
– Concept development;
– Curation and/or creation of visual content
• Artistic direction of photoshoots.
• Artistic direction and design of the magazine and related print assets.
• Managing the printing process and liaising directly with the printer.
• Artistic direction and design for dumbofeather.com, Dumbo Feather podcasts, advertising material and social media platforms.
• Maintaining visual identity while evolving and refining the design as needed.
• Assisting the team with design needs as they arise.

Small Giants

The Small Giants art director will work with the Small Giants leadership team to develop evolving brand assets for its various portfolio companies.

Roles and responsibilities:

• Refining and protecting the visual identity of the Small Giants brand and making sure it is consistent across all assets.
• Working directly alongside the Small Giants leadership team on new branding projects for portfolio businesses:
– Concept development
– Asset creation and production
– Curation and/or creation of visual content
• Artistic direction and design across all aspects of the business, including print and digital assets.
• Branding strategy and visual identity development for portfolio businesses.
• Offering design services for portfolio businesses.

Selection criteria:

• Minimum experience of 3 years in a related role
• Alignment with Small Giants’ values, mission and philosophy
• Proven ability in adapting and managing concurrent projects and competing priorities
• Highly competent using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator
• Experience in or strong understanding of the print production process
• Outstanding visual ability and creative flair
• Ability to work to, and evolve, an established house style
• Experience in brand and visual identity development
• Proven ability to solve problems creatively and under pressure

To apply:

Email the following to nathan@dumbofeather.com before October 27, 2017

• Who you are and why you’re great for this job (600 words or less)
• Your CV
• Your portfolio

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