And that’s what kept on revealing itself. Same with this conversation I had with my daughter where I said, “You must be brave. Life is to take risks. If you’re not coming up with grazes, you’re not trying hard enough.” So the hypocrisy kept on playing out, became more and more obvious—to the point of humour. The people who knew me closely, who I was working with on The Seed, were kind of going, ‘You’re telling me about this great case you have for not doing your music. And suddenly your case isn’t sounding so strong. I don’t believe it much anymore.’ My ability to hold this case together, in my own psyche and in the psyches of those who loved me and wanted me to be true to myself—that started to crumble.

I think the hardest challenge for me with all things around music, is being present to it. Not letting my ego or shame run away with itself and put me in shackles and stop me from being with the singing the writing and the doing of it, daily. Because when I’m just doing it daily, I’m fine.