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endota Spa celebrates self-care
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endota Spa celebrates self-care
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endota Spa celebrates self-care
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25 August 2021

endota Spa celebrates self-care

Founder of endota Spa Melanie Gleeson shares the dream she acted on in 2000 to create spaces for nourishment and self-care.

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Tell us about Endota spa – its mission, and how it has evolved over the years?

My vision and passion was, and still is, to care for people.

The motivation behind this was from my own experience of working in a day spa after noticing the change that I saw in people once they’d had a treatment. They would come in stressed, and their shoulders would be tense. Then, after the treatment, they would leave an entirely different person. You could see the physical – and feel an emotional – change in them. That was so powerful. From there I thought, “I really want to provide this feeling to more people.” I wanted to be able to make people feel better, and I wanted to be able to do it in a caring and beautiful environment – which we now know as endota. The business has been built on four key values: Intent, Connect, Truth and Balance. I lead with these values and ask that everyone in the endota community practices them – so whether you’re a client, therapist or supplier, we strive to act honestly, mindfully and harmoniously in line with these values.

Twenty years on, and this guiding purpose is embodied in our products, skincare ranges, treatments, wellness college and more recently, our virtual retreat. While our mission hasn’t changed or veered off course, we have been able to evolve in the number of ways we can make people feel better.

Beyond our nourishing and healing treatments – available in over 100 spas across the country – we aim to improve the wellbeing of others through the products and education we provide. We want to help people “bring wellbeing into their everyday.”

Most recently we’ve been able to (virtually) bring a number of expert guides across meditation, Pilates, breathwork and yoga into the homes of our endota retreat members – a community who subscribes to improving their wellbeing with a holistic membership that’s the very first of its kind, designed to improve the mind, body and spirit.

Why do we need to turn to self-care practices right now?

Self-care is good for the soul and as women, now more than ever, we are so busy running around looking after everyone else that we often forget ourselves. To be able to provide the best for others, or give our undivided attention to our children, work, family or friends, we need to take time out for ourselves.

I like to say that taking care of ourselves has a ripple effect on those arounds us, as self-care (no matter what form it takes) allows us to rest and rebalance.

What are some of your favourite wellbeing rituals?

When I was in my 20s, I didn’t realise the importance of making myself a priority, and that I should be giving myself space and incorporating mindfulness into my day.

Now, I always try to incorporate yoga and meditation – these really ensure I maintain physical, emotional and spiritual harmony in my busy life. And in terms of my favourite treatment – there’s nothing like a light therapy session to rejuvenate my skin and leave it feeling plump and hydrated.

How does Endota create and give back to community?

We aim to live consciously and give back wherever possible. We collaborate with an inspiring group of artisans from the Indigenous women of Marninwarntikura, located in Fitzroy Crossing, WA, whose artwork appears on our Colour TM packaging – and who receive a percentage of our sales in return.

We’ve also launched our “endota Cares” initiative in which we find ways to care for the carers of the world – all the mothers, friends and members within the community who so selflessly give to others. Beyond that, we have been giving back to the local community for over 20 years by supporting women’s groups, schools and sporting clubs.

As part of our “give back” initiative, each year we ask our staff to nominate charities they would like us to raise funds for. This year we’re donating to Canteen, who supports young people with cancer, Fitted For Work, a non-profit supplying disadvantaged women with workwear and helping them find employment, RizeUp, an organisation helping victims of family violence, and the Offspring Project, who work with survivors of sex trafficking and help them reintegrate into the community.

Tell us about the Mornington Peninsula as an inspiration point for your work.

The Mornington Peninsula where I grew up was the inspiration behind endota’s look, feel and ethos. A place of light expanse and stunning natural beauty, the Mornington Peninsula boasts the energising properties of the sun and the calming and healing effects of the water, and every endota spa aims to transport our clients to a similarly euphoric space that ignites calm, invites relaxation and rejuvenates the spirit. The high school I attended  – Woodleigh, local on the Peninsula – shaped me at such an impressionable time in my life and encouraged confidence, creativity and resourcefulness in its students. It taught us to respect ourselves, others and the environment, a sentiment which I live by to this day.

How is nature and self in constant relationship with one another?

I believe we are all connected – that we and nature are one and the same thing. Energy, vibration, light and sound travel through all living things, so when we have the opportunity to spend time amongst nature, it grounds us and reminds us of what it means to live purposely and consciously. I was inspired by the Australian landscape and its natural beauty and I wanted to capture its healing capabilities to promote wellbeing for everyone – reminding us that we are part of nature and that nature is part of us. It was only logical that when we moved into creating an organic and natural cosmetic and skincare range we had the very same value in mind. Our products harness nature’s very best ingredients, nurturing skin the only way nature can.

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