Bundle for the exploring your innerself (Four mags!)

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We believe that exploring and understanding our inner self is the first, essential step in showing up in the world and being of service. This bundle is an invitation to turn inward, sharing the stories of inspirational individuals who are reclaiming innate wisdom, seeking spiritual growth and charting their own path.

*Please note Dumbo Feather bundles can only be ordered online if you live in Australia. If you live outside of Australia, please get in touch with us at hello@dumbofeather.com.

Issue 50

Our special 60th issue of Dumbo Feather is all about belonging and how we walk back to one another as humans, with our friend Lydia Fairhall, Worimi woman and the former co-CEO of Ilbigerri Theatre Company, on the cover.

Issue 38

After the tumult of 2020, our final issue for this year is all about Rest. It is about the importance of making space for metabolising and processing our experiences, especially in a year like this where there is so much turbulence and upheaval. Why does it mean to rest? How do we do it well?

Issue 44

In the Music issue, we explore how music enlivens our spirits, builds communities and shapes cultures. Inside, you’ll find rock legends, classical musicians, choir leaders and more – stories from the people who help create a joyful and connected world.

Issue 57

Our Treasured Spaces issue is an ode to the spaces we cherish and have missed over these past two years of lockdowns. We get inside the studios of artists, explore some of Melbourne’s iconic eating spaces, walk through abundant backyard gardens, and explore places deep in the wild that have sustained life for millennia.

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