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27 February 2019

Dumbo Feather profilees

Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people. Dumbo Feather is a magazine about these people.

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The people in Dumbo Feather’s pages are not always famous—they’re human rights activists, chefs, farmers, entrepreneurs, surfers, artists, doctors and everyone in between. They’re people using their skills and passions to make the world a better place. Here is the full list of profilees that we’re proud to have featured in our pages since Issue 27.


Abigail Disney  (Issue 32)

Akram Khan  (Issue 33)

Alain de Botton  (Issue 30)

Alan Rabinowitz  (Issue 30)

Alex Gibney  (Issue 29)

Alys Fowler  (Issue 37)

Amelia Telford  (Issue 52)

Ami Ayalon  (Issue 47)

Amy Ziering  (Issue 44)

Archie Roach  (Issue 50)

Arne Rubenstein  (Issue 43)

Ati Citron  (Issue 28)

Audette Exel  (Issue 44)

Audrey Tang  (Issue 53)

Aziz Abu Sarah  (Issue 34)



Bart Houlahan  (Issue 40)

BJ Miller  (Issue 46)

Blake Mycoskie  (Issue 35)

Bob Brown  (Issue 56)

Brenda Salgado  (Issue 57)

Brendan Murray  (Issue 41)

Brené Brown  (Issue 30)

Bryan Stevenson  (Issue 43)

Bunker Roy  (Issue 40)



Carlos Huber  (Issue 39)

Carol Rittner  (Issue 29)

Carol Schwartz  (Issue 43)

Catherine Baba  (Issue 27)

Catherine Crock  (Issue 47)

Cedar Anderson  (Issue 51)

Charles Eisenstein  (Issue 55)

Charles Foster  (Issue 53)

Cheryl Strayed  (Issue 57)

Chid Liberty  (Issue 51)

Chris Anderson  (Issue 28)

Clare Bowditch  (Issue 37)

Claudia Bowman  (Issue 44)



Damon Gameau  (Issue 49)

Dan Ariely  (Issue 55)

Daniel Handler  (Issue 45)

Dave Martin  (Issue 50)

Dave Rastovich  (Issue 45)

David Hieatt  (Issue 34)

David Suzuki  (Issue 46)

David Whyte  (Issue 41)

Dayne Pratzky  (Issue 43)

Deborah Cheetham  (Issue 48)

Del Kathryn Barton  (Issue 30)

Don Berwick  (Issue 56)

Don Shaffer  (Issue 55)



Eden Riley  (Issue 49)

Esther Perel  (Issue 54)

Eva Slonim  (Issue 38)



Farah Mohamed  (Issue 40)

Fern White  (Issue 38)

Fouad Hady  (Issue 28)



Garth Japhet  (Issue 33)

Geoffrey Gurrumul  (Issue 28)

George Monbiot  (Issue 49)

Gloria Steinem  (Issue 48)

Greg Malouf  (Issue 29)



Hana Assafiri  (Issue 51)

Helen Fisher  (Issue 54)

Helena Norberg-Hodge  (Issue 55)

Helle Thorning-Schmidt  (Issue 51)



Ian Darling  (Issue 42)

Ira Glass  (Issue 37)

Isobel Davies  (Issue 31)



Jan Owen  (Issue 42)

Jane Goodall  (Issue 40)

Jaron Lanier  (Issue 37)

Jason Roberts  (Issue 36)

Jed Emerson  (Issue 42)

Joel Salatin  (Issue 27)

Joel Solomon  (Issue 53)

John Marsden  (Issue 56)

Joshua Yeldham  (Issue 48)

Joyce McFadden  (Issue 45)

Julia Cleverdon  (Issue 46)

Julian Burnside  (Issue 38)

June Factor  (Issue 48)



Kabu Okai-Davies  (Issue 49)

Kare Anderson  (Issue 42)

Karl Kruszelnicki (Dr Karl)  (Issue 39)

Kate Bezar  (Issue 27)

Kate Raworth  (Issue 55)

Kate Ulman  (Issue 39)

Katerina Gaita  (Issue 52)

Ken Robinson  (Issue 31)

Kon Karapanagiotidis  (Issue 38)

Konda Mason  (Issue 55)

Krista Tippett  (Issue 45)

Kylie Kwong  (Issue 31)



Lauren Hill  (Issue 45)

Laurie David  (Issue 48)

Lori Lakin Hutcherson  (Issue 50)

Lucy Feagins  (Issue 41)

Lucy Guerin  (Issue 29)

Lucy Malouf  (Issue 29)



Maira Kalman  (Issue 34)

Mama Kin  (Issue 36)

Maria Popova  (Issue 36)

Mariam Issa  (Issue 38)

Matthew Sanford  (Issue 57)

Max Richter  (Issue 32)

Maya Newell  (Issue 42)

Meneka Premkumar  (Issue 46)

Mia Freedman  (Issue 32)

Michael Hohnen  (Issue 28)

Michael Isaachsen  (Issue 27)

Michelle Long  (Issue 55)

Miranda July  (Issue 54)

Muhammad Yunus  (Issue 55)



Nicki Greenberg  (Issue 33)

Norman Doidge  (Issue 47)



Osher Günsberg  (Issue 57)



Pamela Hartigan  (Issue 31)

Parker Palmer  (Issue 44)

Patricia Piccinini  (Issue 56)

Paul Hawken  (Issue 52)

Paul Jennings  (Issue 29)

Paul van Zyl  (Issue 35)

Peter Hammastedt  (Issue 36)

Peter Rollins  (Issue 50)

Pico Iyer  (Issue 46)






Rachael Kohn  (Issue 37)

Rachel Callander  (Issue 54)

Rhea Dempsey  (Issue 35)

Richard Skelton  (Issue 27)

Rick Amor  (Issue 32)

Rick Ridgeway  (Issue 56)

Riley Lee  (Issue 34)

Robyn Davidson  (Issue 30)

Robyn Kershaw  (Issue 28)

Ronni Kahn  (Issue 53)

Ronny Edry  (Issue 54)

Rose Rwabuhini  (Issue 47)

Roslaie Martin  (Issue 57)



Saamdu Chetri  (Issue 35)

Sali Hughes  (Issue 43)

Sarah Kay  (Issue 49)

Satish Kumar  (Issue 39)

Seth Godin  (Issue 40)

Shai Reshef  (Issue 41)

Sharon Salzberg  (Issue 50)

Shelley Panton  (Issue 34)

Simon Amstell  (Issue 33)

Simran Sethi  (Issue 39)

Stephen Jenkinson  (Issue 54)

Susan Carland  (Issue 47)

Sylvia Earle  (Issue 56)



Tara Moss  (Issue 41)

Tim Silverwood  (Issue 52)

Tim Smit  (Issue 52)

Tim Urban  (Issue 51)

Tim Winton  (Issue 51)

Tyler Brule  (Issue 35)





Vandana Shiva  (Issue 33)

Victor Steffensen  (Issue 56)



Warren MacDonald  (Issue 32)

Winnie Byanyima  (Issue 33)







Zainab Salbi  (Issue 35)

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